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Reliable Background Screening has a long and successful history performing background checks in a multitude of industries, nationwide. Reliable is widely considered as the experts in the intricacies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other background screening regulations. President and CEO, Rudy Troisi, has been a speaker, nationally, at numerous professional organizations on the topic of employee and other background checks. As part of our stated goal to educate our clients about what background information they should have, and what the best methods are to acquire it, please refer to the two areas below, which contain valuable information pertaining to background checks.

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Remote Workers and the Changing Background Screening Landscape

With employees stuck at home due to the pandemic, companies had to quickly find solutions to make remote work a viable alternative to the office. As organizations adapted, many realized that with technological advances and an increasing amount of work that can be done at any location, overhead costs decreased significantly, and employees achieved a greater work-life balance. It’s undeniable that remote work is more prevalent than ever. [...]

By |December 15, 2021|The Reliable Blog|

Do Franchisors Do Background Checks?

Are you looking for background screening as a franchisor? Running franchisee background checks is a great way to mitigate risk for your business and help ensure you select the right people to join your franchise network. Franchisee background checks protect both franchisors and customers. We’ll explain why using these checks can protect your investment in your brand from lawsuits or destructive franchisees.  What are Franchisee Background Checks? A [...]

By |December 15, 2021|Industry News|

Private Clubs’ Growth During Pandemic Spurs Membership Background Checks

The Covid Pandemic has affected the economy in disparate ways. One area that has seen steady growth is interest and membership in private clubs, be they country clubs, yacht clubs, golf clubs, investment clubs or an array of newly configured private clubs that are sprouting all over the country. The limited supply of open membership slots, coupled with the high demand for them has made membership background checks [...]

By |November 8, 2021|Membership Background Checks, The Reliable Blog|

Changing Marijuana Laws Are Impacting Employers

Marijuana continues to be illegal under federal law, as it is considered a Schedule I Drug ‒ the most stringently banned category of drugs ‒ under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.  However, 18 states plus the District of Columbia have thus far legalized marijuana for recreational use, while a total of 36 states have legalized it for medical purposes. It is not surprising that the federal government [...]

By |October 18, 2021|Pre-Employment Drug Screening, The Reliable Blog|

Tips for an Effective Background Check on a Remote Worker

As the country returns to normalcy, we see the pandemic may have forever impacted workplace practices. Many businesses have adopted hybrid work environments that require employees to spend some time in the company office while working remotely. Other organizations have opted for allowing their employees to work from home in light of COVID restrictions permanently. It is still essential to verify an employee's background before hiring them. Hiring [...]

By |September 28, 2021|Background Checks, Industry News|

The Importance of County Background Searches

Many employers assume that their pre-employment background checks include all criminal records associated with the applicant in question, but did you know that no criminal database exists that covers the entire country. Even the “FBI files” only have about fifty percent of all crimes in the country. Further, the original source of all crimes is typically the county courthouse criminal record. Of most importance, the FCRA (Fair Credit [...]

By |September 20, 2021|County Background Searches, The Reliable Blog|


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