Whether you are a representing a local Little League or a professional Major League Baseball team, individuals who work closely with athletes need to be appropriately vetted for the safety of the players and staff. Reliable Background Screening’s sports team background checks are designed to mitigate risk while protecting your team, athletes, staff, and brand reputation. While background checks are often associated with criminal history searches and drug tests for professional athletes, conducting background checks on affiliated team representatives – including coaches, vendors, and staff – can prevent negative consequences. Youth sports background checks are extremely important to have, and will help protect your organization.

Background Checks for Sports Team Employees

At Reliable Background Screening, our sports team background check helps vet coaches, staff, volunteers, and vendors, alerting clients of criminal activity or other historical indications that may place participating children, staff, or spectators in an unsafe environment. Before a coach or staff member is allowed to work with a team, a multi-state sex offender search can also help ensure that underage participants will be safe in the care of coaches and staff.

Background Checks for Athletes

At the professional level, brand reputation as well as the safety of players, staff, and fans are especially important. Player and coach scandals alike can garner negative media attention, forcing leagues to pay the oft-pricey consequences of not having known the character, background, and criminal history of who they were hiring.

Higher profile teams, with financial performance on the line, expect their staff and athletes to perform their job well while looking out for the best interest of the team. Athlete background checks provide extra reassurance and can range from simple criminal and driving records searches to social media screening, intensive professional searches, and personal checks for athletes and coaches.

Protect your athletes, staff, and brand reputation with comprehensive sports team background checks.

Regardless of the degree of athletic competition you represent, Reliable Background Screening has the experience to ensure that the background check process is thorough and accurate, with results returned in a timely manner. From support staff and vendors to coaches and players, you can rest assured that you will have an accurate picture of the individuals representing your team.


Reliable Background Screening is the trusted source for your sports team background screening needs, with customized searches, unparalleled quality control and live-agent verified reports. Our user-friendly, digital system allows students to register and obtain their required screening components online, from wherever they may be. Applicants submit their own background order information and electronically sign disclosure forms, freeing your organization from additional administrative tasks.


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