Conducting a country club membership check on new members (and employees) is one of the best tools you have at your disposal to protect your hard work, reputation, and your club’s brand. New members background check is valid to have.

To maintain the high caliber of character that differentiates your club from others and makes it desirable, you must protect its reputation and its members.

Let Reliable Background Screening help you protect your club and its brand, and let us show you how it can all be done without adding any costs to the club’s operations.



Country Clubs that understand the need to protect their members, employees and their brand will perform member background checks. Member Screening is truly a “no-brainer” as the average cost of a Member Background Check can be passed through to the member candidate, so it should cost the country club nothing. The country club can add the average cost of a Membership Background Check to their Membership Fee or have a separate Application or Background Check Fee. Country Clubs should position the Background Check Fee as a benefit to all members, as it helps provide safety to everyone at the country club. It is not only the affluent that have money for private country clubs. Terrorists and many criminals have access to inordinate wealth, but they are not the types of members that exclusive country clubs want.

Although certain country clubs may have additional specific needs, most country clubs will obtain a “soft pull” credit report, criminal records search, a Social Search/Social Trace product, and a Bankruptcy-Lien-Judgment Search. This is particularly important, since tax liens and civil judgments have disappeared from all three credit bureaus ever since July 1, 2017. See

Reliable Background Screening, as a nationwide consumer reporting agency, enables country clubs to obtain properly authorized Membership Background Checks, customized to the needs of the specific country club and their brand. Canadian credit reports and international Member Background Checks are also available.