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Confirming Exact Legal Name and Date of Birth is Crucial with Background Checks

May 8, 2023|The Reliable Blog, Uncategorized|

In today's world, conducting background checks has become a vital component of many organizations' screening processes. This could include employee screening, member screening, volunteer screening, franchisee screening, tenant screening, and more. These checks help ensure that the individuals being considered for these positions have a history of integrity and responsibility. [...]

August 2022

Seven Billion Reasons for Best-Practices Background Checks

August 17, 2022|Background Checks, criminal, ‏Pre-Employment Background Check, The Reliable Blog|

A few weeks ago, a court in Dallas awarded $7 Billion in Damages against Charter Communications, Inc., which operates Spectrum, a cable television media company.  This award went to the family of a Spectrum customer, who sadly was robbed, stabbed and murdered by an installer of Spectrum. Although this case [...]

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