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Reliable Background Screening has a long and successful history performing background checks in a multitude of industries, nationwide. Reliable is widely considered as the experts in the intricacies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other background screening regulations. President and CEO, Rudy Troisi, has been a speaker, nationally, at numerous professional organizations on the topic of employee and other background checks. As part of our stated goal to educate our clients about what background information they should have, and what the best methods are to acquire it, please refer to the two areas below, which contain valuable information pertaining to background checks.

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Tips for an Effective Background Check on a Remote Worker

As the country returns to normalcy, we see the pandemic may have forever impacted workplace practices. Many businesses have adopted hybrid work environments that require employees to spend some time in the company office while working remotely. Other organizations have opted for allowing their employees to work from home in light of COVID restrictions permanently. It is still essential to verify an employee's background before hiring them. Hiring [...]

By |September 28, 2021|Background Checks, Industry News|

The Importance of County Background Searches

Many employers assume that their pre-employment background checks include all criminal records associated with the applicant in question, but did you know that no criminal database exists that covers the entire country. Even the “FBI files” only have about fifty percent of all crimes in the country. Further, the original source of all crimes is typically the county courthouse criminal record. Of most importance, the FCRA (Fair Credit [...]

By |September 20, 2021|County Background Searches, The Reliable Blog|

How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?

Do you need to conduct an FCRA background check? As a consumer reporting agency, we are considered leaders and experts in the complexities of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and can guide you through the process of background checks. An employment history check is one of the most popular types of background checks, but its search depth depends on the lookback period. We’ll share with you how an [...]

By |September 7, 2021|Background Checks, Industry News|

What Does a Rental Background Check Consist Of?

If you are a property owner who rents out one or more properties, you are probably familiar with rental background check basics. Until now, you might have thought the idea of paying for and having to read through a lengthy report was too cumbersome. However, have you ever asked yourself what does a rental background check consist of and what benefits it will hold for your business, your [...]

By |August 31, 2021|Industry News, Rental Background Check|

The Importance of Healthcare Background Checks

While background checks are common in most industries, they are particularly crucial in the healthcare sector. Federal and state-mandated regulations exist to try to ensure that employers are using best practices to hire professionals with the right ‏medical background.‏ ‏Reliable Background Screening can help healthcare professionals in hiring employees who have been properly vetted so that they can be trusted with patient care ‏New hires must not only [...]

By |August 23, 2021|Healthcare Background Check, Industry News|

The Impact of Removing D.O.B. from Public Records

REMOVING DATE OF BIRTH IMPERILS CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCHES Did you know that certain states and counties are considering removing or redacting dates of birth (DOB) from public court records, which will make it nearly impossible to verify an individual’s criminal history? This is because criminal records typically have no social security numbers (SSN) attached to them. Without a date of birth as an additional identifier, it becomes extremely [...]

By |August 23, 2021|Removing D.O.B., The Reliable Blog|


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