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Reliable Background Screening has a long and successful history performing background checks in a multitude of industries, nationwide. Reliable is widely considered as the experts in the intricacies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other background screening regulations. President and CEO, Rudy Troisi, has been a speaker, nationally, at numerous professional organizations on the topic of employee and other background checks. As part of our stated goal to educate our clients about what background information they should have, and what the best methods are to acquire it, please refer to the two areas below, which contain valuable information pertaining to background checks.

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Country Club Membership Screening Benefits Bottom Line

One of the appeals of private country clubs is their exclusivity. Membership openings are typically capped-off at a certain threshold, meaning once a specific number of memberships is sold, a new member can only join after an existing member decides to leave the country club, thus opening up a membership slot. This often results in waiting lists, which further reinforces the desirability and panache of the country club. [...]

By |February 18, 2022|Membership Background Checks, The Reliable Blog|

Why Should Apartments and Property Management Companies Check Tenant’s Credit Report

When property management companies check rental history, they are looking for a track record of financial responsibility. Tenant screening is an effective way to ensure that all applicants can afford to lease the property they are interested in. The pandemic had a significant and unprecedented impact on renters and property owners in the last year, making it more critical to ensure that a tenant credit and background check [...]

By |January 26, 2022|Industry News|

The Reasons You Should Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Screening

As an employer, one of the most important priorities is to ensure a safe workplace. An effective way to do this is to administer drug and alcohol screening checks to employees. Drug screening can also protect an organization’s brand name and business model system from being disrupted by bad behaviors. When organizations partner with Reliable Background Screening, they place themselves in a better position to mitigate risk.  What [...]

By |January 26, 2022|Industry News, Pre-Employment Drug Screening|

County Criminal Searches are Important in Spite of Delays

There is no criminal database that exists that covers the entire United States. Even the “FBI Files” have only about fifty percent of the crimes in the nation. Original criminal records are typically held at a county level. There are about 3,200 counties, but only about 2,600 report to a multi-jurisdictional “national” criminal database.  Of those 2,600 counties that do report, the data that is provided is inconsistent.  [...]

By |January 25, 2022|criminal, The Reliable Blog|

Remote Workers and the Changing Background Screening Landscape

With employees stuck at home due to the pandemic, companies had to quickly find solutions to make remote work a viable alternative to the office. As organizations adapted, many realized that with technological advances and an increasing amount of work that can be done at any location, overhead costs decreased significantly, and employees achieved a greater work-life balance. It’s undeniable that remote work is more prevalent than ever. [...]

By |December 15, 2021|The Reliable Blog|

Do Franchisors Do Background Checks?

Are you looking for background screening as a franchisor? Running franchisee background checks is a great way to mitigate risk for your business and help ensure you select the right people to join your franchise network. Franchisee background checks protect both franchisors and customers. We’ll explain why using these checks can protect your investment in your brand from lawsuits or destructive franchisees.  What are Franchisee Background Checks? A [...]

By |December 15, 2021|Industry News|




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