As a professional or business owner, the character and history of who you conduct business with can have a direct impact on your reputation and bottom line. At Reliable Background Screening, client vetting services include a comprehensive background review, allowing you to investigate an individual, company, or other entity before making a decision to move forward with a professional collaboration or partnership.

Protect your business by performing client background checks and verifications for your professional partners. With Reliable Background Screening’s client vetting services, it’s fast and easy. When vetting a new client Reliable’s customizable process begins with a confirmation of facts to ensure a resume, for example, accurately describes all the skills and experience claimed and our online client tools make it simple to receive up-to-date background checks and relevant information. Vetting a client for us will ensure their needs to gain success for their future.

Your organization has worked hard to build its brand. Make sure you protect it!

In today’s world of viral social media, unfavorable press travels fast. Performing thorough employee background checks can be your best defense against unwanted press, whether you have to respond to a television reporter, fight a social media blitz directed against your company, or even face a courtroom judge and jury.


Reliable Background Screening is the trusted source for all your background screening needs, with customized searches, unparalleled quality control and live-agent verified reports. Applicants can submit their own background check information electronically, including having them digitally sign authorization forms, freeing you and your staff from administrative tasks.


  • Unmatched Quality Control review of FCRA-compliant background screening reports will help ensure that any input errors do not result in invalid results
  • Partner with the major credit bureaus, with Canadian Credit Reports also available
  • Capabilities to research records from every county courthouse throughout the nation
  • Exclusive access to national and state data, including comprehensive motor vehicle records, eviction records, and criminal records for all 50 states
  • International criminal checks are also available
  • Personalized screening, with Customer Service Agents available weekdays
  • Secure online services tailored to your specific requirements available 24/7
  • A+ Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Winner of the Sterling Award, honoring companies for quality service, integrity, and community stewardship


Client Vetting (or Customer Vetting) is performing a background check to research and qualify an individual, before allowing them to become a client or customer of your company.

Client vetting needs to be performed in an FCRA-compliant manner when a background screening company is checking someone’s credit report or performing a criminal or civil litigation background check for your company. Companies often have specific vetting requirements when onboarding clients, and Reliable Background Screening can customize a vetting plan for the clients your company needs while helping you maintain compliance with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act – the federal law that governs background checks, including client vetting reports).
When vetting a potential client, there must be an FCRA-compliant disclosure and authorization form for the background screening company to perform the client vetting report. Reliable Background Screening can also provide digital options to make the client vetting process easy and seamless.