Vetting volunteers is a critical component to the success of any nonprofit organization and the volunteers you choose can directly affect the reputation of your brand. Protect your team and entire organization by performing background checks and/or verifications on your volunteers. Reliable Background Screening’s volunteer screening process is fast and easy.

Reliable Background Screening provides accurate, up-to-date background checks on volunteer candidates to reduce risk and protect your organization. Our team can easily help you avoid the consequences associated with engaging volunteers who could pose a threat to your staff or organization.

Your nonprofit organization has worked hard to build its brand. Make sure you protect it!

In today’s world of viral social media, unfavorable press travels fast. Performing thorough employee background checks can be your best defense against unwanted press, whether you have to respond to a television reporter, fight a social media blitz directed against your company, or even face a courtroom judge and jury.


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Reliable Background Screening is the trusted source for all your volunteer screening needs, with customized searches, unparalleled quality control and live-agent verified reports. Volunteers can submit their own background check information electronically, including having them digitally sign authorization forms, freeing your staff from administrative tasks.