Reliable Background Screening has employee screening solutions specifically designed for hospitals, medical practitioners, and medical companies who desire accurate employee medical background checks on potential and/or existing employees. Protect your hospital, healthcare workers, or medical practice by ensuring proper pre employment background checks are performed, to avoid problems associated with sanctioned employees working for your office. This is especially important for hospitals, medical practices and medical companies that receive reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, CHIP, and other federal government programs. See Special Healthcare Background Screening Requirements. Reliable’s 24/7 secure web-based employee screening solutions will allow you to prevent individuals with either a dangerous or undesirable criminal history, and/or sanctioned individuals from obtaining employment with your practice.

Are your potential employees being forthcoming with you? Having a proper healthcare worker background check program in place can help reveal if individuals are excluded from Federal Healthcare Programs, as well as adverse actions taken by state licensing boards.


Criminal Background Checks for Healthcare Workers


Additionally, individuals with criminal histories who pose a potential threat to your patients and employees, should be background screened to prevent these individuals from being hired, as they could create liability for your hospital, medical facility, or medical practice.

The employee screening background check technology Reliable uses will search various criminal sources to quickly deliver the most accurate information about your potential employees. Further, Reliable’s court researchers can access courthouses in every county in the United States (international searches are available also), to allow Reliable to provide clients with thorough employee background checks that follow industry best practices.

The employee screening solutions Reliable Background Screening offers will help shield your hospital, medical practice, or medical company from the perils of an uncertain world while also helping maintain compliance with FCRA regulations (Fair Credit Reporting Act – the Federal law that regulates employee background checks):

  • CORE® Criminal Search (RELIABLE's proprietary Multi State National Instant Criminal Check)
  • Other Criminal Searches (County, State, Federal, and International Criminal Searches)
  • Social Search (to help validate your applicant’s identity, social security number, and display current and previous applicant names and addresses)
  • Verification Services (Employment History, Educational Degrees, Professional Licenses, References, etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle Records from all 50 States
  • Drug Testing Services - available through our nationwide network of drug testing providers, and easily managed through our secure 24/7 web portal
  • Healthcare ProScan - looks for sanctioned individuals through the OIG and GSA, as well as checking over 2,500 state and federal agencies, medical licensing boards, and other resources
  • Social Media Searches

Why are we the Best Background Checking Company?

  • Unmatched Quality Control review of FCRA-compliant background screening reports will help ensure that any input errors do not result in invalid results
  • Partner with the major credit bureaus, with Canadian Credit Reports also available
  • Capabilities to research records from every county courthouse throughout the nation
  • Exclusive access to national and state data, including comprehensive motor vehicle records, eviction records, and criminal records for all 50 states
  • International criminal checks are also available
  • Personalized screening, with Customer Service Agents available weekdays
  • Secure online services tailored to your specific requirements available 24/7
  • A+ Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Winner of the Sterling Award, honoring companies for quality service, integrity, and community stewardship


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Hospitals typically require a very extensive background check, particularly since they generally accept payments from federal healthcare programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE. By accepting payments from any federal program, hospitals should be performing not only initial background checks, they should be performing ongoing background checks to ensure no one in their employ is sanctioned or debarred from any federal program. Most would agree this involves at least monthly checks to uncover if someone has become sanctioned from any federal program, even non-healthcare programs (for example, defaulting on a federally insured student loan).
The turnaround time (TAT) for a healthcare background check will vary based upon a number of factors, although most are completed within one to three business days. For more information, read HOW TO REDUCE COUNTY CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCH DELAYS
The laws governing qualifications for working at a hospital vary by state. Whether a convicted criminal can work at a hospital depends upon each state’s laws and the type of criminal conviction. Being a convicted criminal does not necessarily prevent an individual from being employed at a hospital, which is in concert with EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines that were issued in 2012. However, crimes that involve sex offense, abuse or physical harm to individuals (particularly abuse to vulnerable populations), illegal drugs, or harm or theft of property, will typically be disqualifying events for securing employment in a hospital.
Hospital background checks contain various components including criminal history, independent verification of education, employment and professional license status, as well as a search of exclusion and sanction databases. Applicants will need to sign an FCRA-compliant authorization form before a background check is conducted.
Hospitals do not perform background checks on patients, as criminals are entitled to healthcare, too.