There are many reasons to engage a third party vendor and finding a trustworthy one requires research. Your organization likely already works with a variety of vendors to manage work processes and complete special projects – but, do you know the character of the individuals interacting with your customers and representing your brand?

Conducting vendor background checks is not an extra precaution you take to protect the workplace, it’s a necessity. In fact, without thorough and reliable vendor screening services, companies can risk the safety of their clients, team members, and brand reputation alike.

In many ways, the vendors you work with are an extension of your organization, especially if they place professionals on site at your place of work. For example, in an environment such as a hospital or school, temporary workers, and even volunteers, have access to vulnerable populations and private information. How well you know those vendors—and their employees—can have huge consequences for your organization.

Thoroughly screen vendors before developing a professional relationship.

Given how deeply embedded vendors can be in the day-to-day operations of your business and interactions with your clients, it is critical to ensure you have done your due diligence and know who is representing your brand. Reliable Background Screening recommends comprehensive vendor background checks for every potential third party partner, especially if the company or its affiliates will be handling sensitive information, company assets, cash, or working directly with children.

You can also protect employees, customers, and your brand reputation with social media screening. Whether through traditional print, radio, and television media, or in today’s world of viral social media, bad press can significantly damage your franchise company network.

With Reliable’s comprehensive vendor background screening in place, your business can protect itself against poorly screened or unscreened third parties.

Drug Screening Services Also Available Nationwide.

Reliable offers a complete array of drug testing services through our strategic alliances, with thousands of drug testing locations nationwide. From one point of contact, you can have control over creating, monitoring, and completing a drug screening event through our secure 24/7 online web portal.

Whether your organization needs a 5-Panel Instant Drug Test, a 9-Panel, 10-Panel, DOT-Panel or a customized panel tailored to your company’s specific needs, Reliable can provide the drug testing options that your firm requires.


Reliable Background Screening is the trusted source for all of your vendor background check and drug screening needs, with unparalleled quality control and live-agent verified reports.


  • Unmatched Quality Control review of FCRA-compliant background screening reports will help ensure that any input errors do not result in invalid results
  • Partner with the major credit bureaus, with Canadian Credit Reports also available
  • Capabilities to research records from every county courthouse throughout the nation
  • Exclusive access to national and state data, including comprehensive motor vehicle records, eviction records, and criminal records for all 50 states
  • International criminal checks are also available
  • Personalized screening, with Customer Service Agents available weekdays
  • Secure online services tailored to your specific requirements available 24/7
  • A+ Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Winner of the Sterling Award, honoring companies for quality service, integrity, and community stewardship


Vendor screening is the process of vetting a potential supplier partner for goods or services that your company or organization needs. It can involve both a check on the vendor business entity and principal(s), as well as a criminal background check on the vendor employee(s) or owner(s) that will be providing the services.
To protect your company, your employees, customers, and your brand, it is advisable to perform vendor screening, both on the vendor business entity, and particularly on vendor employee(s) that provide the actual services to your organization.
If a prospective vendor declines to undergo vendor screening, it should raise concern, and another vendor or supplier could be sought. It should be noted, however, that performing a background check on a business does not require any authorization. Only when performing a background check on a human being, does the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act – the federal law that governs background checks) mandate the necessity for proper disclosure to and authorization by, the individual being background checked.