As a franchisor, it is critical to have a thorough franchisee evaluation and review process, so that you, the franchise owner, can select the right franchisee applicants for your franchise network. Through thoughtful and careful analysis, you improve your odds of choosing successful franchisee owners who will represent and promote your franchise company’s brand image and values, to ensure ongoing royalties for years to come.

You have worked hard to build your franchise brand – Protect your franchise company by implementing a thorough background check for franchisee applicants.

  • Evaluate the credit-worthiness of your franchisee applicants. We can help by providing credit reports on these individuals. “Soft-pull” credit reports for franchisee screening are available.
  • Bankruptcy-Lien-Judgment Search — This is essential, since tax liens and civil judgments have disappeared from all credit reports on July 1, 2017.
  • Protect your franchise brand image, by ensuring that undesirable and dangerous criminals are not associated with your franchise company network. We will furnish the franchisee background check solutions you need with our full range of criminal and civil record search options.
  • Additional background screening services, such as Motor Vehicle Reports, Social Media Searches, Verification of Educational Degrees, Professional Licenses, and Employment History further complement our suite of franchisee background screening solutions.
  • Canadian credit reports and international criminal searches are also available.

Avoid the consequences of bad publicity from having franchisee owners with undesirable criminal histories tarnish your franchise brand. Whether through traditional print, radio, and television media, or in today’s world of viral social media, bad press can significantly damage your franchise company network.

Whether a franchisor or franchisee, you are also an employer. Reliable Background Screening specializes in employee background screening solutions. Click here to learn more about our comprehensive employee background screening.

Reliable Background Screening can help franchisors design a custom franchisee background screening program to best serve the needs of your specific franchise.


Reliable Background Screening has been the trusted source for risk mitigation for all your franchise background screening needs, with unparalleled quality control and live-agent verified reports.



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  • Unmatched Quality Control review of FCRA-compliant background screening reports will help ensure that any input errors do not result in invalid results
  • Partner with the major credit bureaus, with Canadian Credit Reports also available
  • Capabilities to research records from every county courthouse throughout the nation
  • Exclusive access to national and state data, including comprehensive motor vehicle records, eviction records, and criminal records for all 50 states
  • International criminal checks are also available
  • Personalized screening, with Customer Service Agents available weekdays
  • Secure online services tailored to your specific requirements available 24/7
  • A+ Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Winner of the Sterling Award, honoring companies for quality service, integrity, and community stewardship


Franchisors who understand the need to protect their brand will perform franchisee background checks. Franchisee Screening is truly a “no-brainer” as the average cost of a franchisee screening report can be passed through to the franchisee, so it costs the franchisor nothing. The franchisor does need to disclose the Background Check Fee in their FDD, but they can also position it as a benefit to all franchisees, as franchisee background checks protect everyone’s investment in the franchise brand.
Although certain brands may have additional specific needs, most franchisors will obtain a credit report, criminal records search, a Social Search/Social Trace product, and a Bankruptcy-Lien-Judgment Search. This is particularly important since tax liens and civil judgments have disappeared from all three credit bureaus ever since July 1, 2017. See
Reliable Background Screening, as a nationwide consumer reporting agency, enables franchisors to obtain properly authorized franchisee background checks, customized to the needs of the franchisor and their franchise brand. Canadian credit reports and international franchisee background checks are also available.
Although franchisee background checks are generally only performed on applicants who have a high chance of being awarded a franchise, most franchise brands perform them on all candidates that reach a certain stage of the Franchise Discovery Process. However, having a franchisee background check performed does not always translate into actually becoming a franchisee, as other factors such as financial capacity and business experience are also considered, as well as the results of the franchisee background check.