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Reliable Background Screening has a long and successful history performing background checks in a multitude of industries, nationwide. Reliable is widely considered as the experts in the intricacies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other background screening regulations. President and CEO, Rudy Troisi, has been a speaker, nationally, at numerous professional organizations on the topic of employee and other background checks. As part of our stated goal to educate our clients about what background information they should have, and what the best methods are to acquire it, please refer to the two areas below, which contain valuable information pertaining to background checks.

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Franchise Industry – Take Note – NLRB Proposes New Joint Employer Rules

If it feels like deja vu, it is.  In just over two years since it last ruled on this issue in April of 2020, earlier this month on September 6th, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued another proposed rule change for establishing joint employer status (as regulated under the National Labor Relations Act).  This new rule proposal, if enacted, will annul and change the NLRB’s joint employer [...]

By |September 21, 2022|The Reliable Blog|

Seven Billion Reasons for Best-Practices Background Checks

A few weeks ago, a court in Dallas awarded $7 Billion in Damages against Charter Communications, Inc., which operates Spectrum, a cable television media company.  This award went to the family of a Spectrum customer, who sadly was robbed, stabbed and murdered by an installer of Spectrum. Although this case involved much more than whether a background check was performed on the employee, it is a sad reminder [...]

CFPB Issues Advisory to Protect Consumer Privacy

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued an Advisory to protect consumer privacy.  It is not surprising, given the expanding “metaverse” of personal information that so many companies are compiling, even while you are reading this blog. Specifically, the CFPB is focusing on companies that use and share credit reports and background check (or consumer) reports.  This CFBP Advisory Opinion elucidates in clear language that [...]

By |July 19, 2022|Background Checks, The Reliable Blog|

How Applicant Tracking Systems Compromise Background Checks

How do applicant tracking systems work? Corporations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) often appreciate the ability to streamline the onboarding process. Applicants enter their information online, creating their initial employee/applicant file. This allows the company or organization to perform many human resources functions, including sometimes, ordering the employee background check. Unfortunately, applicants often make careless input errors when entering their information, which [...]

Board of Director Background Checks Are Crucial

Board of Directors exist in both the corporate and the nonprofit world. One common characteristic is that these Directors typically are not employees of the corporation or organization – yet they are part of the governing body that guides the direction and mission of both businesses and nonprofit organizations. While background checks are commonplace with employee onboarding – regardless of the type of entity for who they work [...]

By |May 17, 2022|The Reliable Blog|

6 Qualities of a Reliable Background Checking Company

Many job offer letters include wording stating that the position is reliant on the successful completion of a background check. These checks may include a credit check, a criminal background check, and even a look at the employee's social media activities. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as other state and municipal regulations, outline and regulate employers' and potential workers' rights and duties. Best practices also [...]

By |April 19, 2022|Industry News, ‏Pre-Employment Background Check|


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