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When an individual becomes incapable of handling their own affairs, a conservatorship or guardianship is often established to protect the financial and beneficial interests of the incapacitated person.  The guardian or conservator has a fiduciary responsibility to not only protect their assets, but to pay any of the individual’s outstanding debts.

Reliable can help these fiduciaries by giving them access to these consumers’ credit reports, as long as they obtain the proper court orders.  Most of these fiduciaries obtain their beneficiary/client’s credit report annually - or more frequently - to ensure that no new unauthorized debt obligations are incurred in their beneficiary’s name.

Since guardianships and conservatorships are typically created by court order, it is not difficult for them, as a fiduciary, to obtain a court order to process the credit report of their beneficiary/client. 

Reliable makes it easy for law firms and other fiduciaries – nationwide – to establish “Credit Reports – By Order of the Court” accounts, so that they can access the credit reports of their beneficial clients, and better fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.


Sadly about fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce.  During divorce proceedings, financial disagreements are not uncommon.  When a court order is issued for an individual’s credit report, again Reliable can help by providing credit reports with a court order, through our secure 24/7 online portal.

Law firms that specialize in domestic law can also establish “Credit Reports – By Order of the Court” accounts.  Reliable has a straightforward process that facilitates law firms with a domestic law practice focus to have ready access to buy credit reports, once they obtain the proper court order.  With no monthly or annual fees, once your account is setup, your firm only pays for the credit reports that it needs.


No matter what type of court order, Reliable streamlines the process for your law firm to obtain any consumer’s credit report, as long as a valid court order has been issued.

Normally, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), only allows a consumer’s credit file to be obtained with consumer consent for a permissible business purpose.  However, the FCRA has an exception, when there is a valid court order.

Reliable helps attorneys and law practices nationwide, by giving them access to “Credit Reports – By Order of the Court” accounts.  Whether it is a fiduciary need, divorce trial, or other court order, Reliable can provide your law firm access to credit reports 24/7 – just by having obtained a valid court order.  Open your account today, so that you will have immediate access when you need to buy a credit report with a court order (credit bureaus still require an onsite-inspection for credit bureau access).

Interested in learning more about court-ordered credit reports?

Read our blog to learn about the types of court-ordered credit reports all attorneys have access to under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).



Court Ordered Credit Reports
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