Earlier this month, Hawaii’s Department of Health Services came under scrutiny for hiring a convicted murderer into a role that directly interacts with young victims of domestic violence. The individual in question was found guilty of murder and was later paroled before relocating to the state of Hawaii.

While reviewing the candidate’s application for a position within the Child Welfare Services division, Hawaii’s Department of Health Services neglected to complete an extensive background check, instead only checking local records for past criminal history.

Hawaii’s Department of Health Services is fortunate their negligence was discovered without a negative incident occurring first, as companies and organizations can be held accountable for the actions of individuals associated with these groups, even if the leaders of these organizations did not know that these people represented threats and risks to their group. Whether the connected individuals are employees, volunteers, tenants, members, franchisees, or some other category, companies and organizations can be liable for actions of individuals linked to them that damage or injure others.

Additionally, in today’s world of viral social media, your organization’s brand can be severely or terminally damaged by social media reports of the careless business practices that allowed individuals associated with your group to put your customers, vendors, or even other employees at risk.

A company’s best defense against liability is to perform a thorough background check with a reliable background screening company.

An experienced background check partner can help ensure all your bases are covered by developing a comprehensive screening strategy to meet the unique needs of your organization and industry. Don’t let convicted felons slip through the cracks. Engage an experienced background screening partner the next time you’re vetting applicants to ensure your business and brand are protected.

As we always say – if you could have known, you should have known. ®


Posted by: Rudy Troisi, L.P.I., President and CEO, Reliable Background Screening

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