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Is Checking Your Applicant’s Social Media Worth It?

2020 was a year to remember… or perhaps a year to forget. Naturally, we all want to remember the good times, but more often than not, it’s the negative moments that tend to leave a bigger impression on us. The same can be said when it comes to business and the actions of employees. Ask yourself what stands out in your mind more – the time an employee did a good job, or the time an employee really messed something up? The many positive reviews that was left for a business, or the negative review that tried to bring down [...]

January 12, 2021|

How Long Do Background Checks Take?

Are There Not Instant Background Checks? In today’s world, computers continue to process at faster and faster speeds, and answers to most any question can be obtained in seconds by performing an online search. Further, if one were to google the term, “instant background checks,” almost 26 million results are now returned. It is therefore not surprising that so many people expect background check reports to be completed quickly, if not instantly. However, the plethora of sources offering instant background checks is very misleading. Companies whose main marketing point is “instant background checks,” tend not to be consumer reporting agencies [...]

December 7, 2020|

How Can Employers Verify Education

For employers (and other companies and organizations), having attained a minimum educational degree is often a prerequisite for qualifying for a particular job (or for qualifying for certain franchises, or for some volunteer positions). However, employers and others oftentimes fail to verify the educational achievement, or worse, they rely on proof that the applicant provides. If a certain level of education is required for a position – whether it be a high school diploma, college or graduate level degree, or even a technical certificate – obtaining independent corroboration of the applicant having attained the necessary scholastic level is crucial. Why? [...]

November 1, 2020|

How to Reduce County Criminal Records Search Delays

Delays in county criminal records searches is nothing new. Checking county courthouse records requires accessing each county’s records through the specific procedures that each jurisdiction has in place. Although “clears” or “no records found” can often be obtained the same day, when a “potential hit” (match) occurs, the process is delayed due to the additional research that must occur to eliminate or confirm the “hit.” However, during the current Covid pandemic, delays have increased significantly in numerous counties around the country. This is because courthouses have been closed at times, and even when they reopened, they generally have new protocols [...]

October 4, 2020|




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