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Do You Know How Credit Reports Have Changed?

It was six years ago this month – July 1, 2017 – that all three of the major credit bureaus dramatically changed the information that they report on their credit reports.  This is when the National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) was implemented, which was a result of the legal settlement between Equifax, TransUnion and Experian and the plethora of state attorneys general that filed the lawsuit against them. The biggest impact of data loss on credit reports was the removal of most public record information, specifically all tax liens and all civil judgments, including forcible detainer or unlawful detainer judgments (evictions), which are essential [...]

July 24, 2023|

The Impact of the New Criminal Provision Amendment of the Canadian Competition Act on Franchisors

Franchising has long been a popular business model in Canada, allowing entrepreneurs to expand their brands while offering individuals the opportunity to run their own businesses. However, with the ever-evolving business landscape and regulatory framework, it becomes crucial for franchisors to adapt and address emerging challenges. On June 23, 2023, a significant amendment to the Canadian "Competition Act" will come into effect, introducing a new criminal provision, and this will impact franchisors operating in Canada. The amendment to the Competition Act will criminalize certain anti-competitive practices between unaffiliated employers, that may arise in franchising agreements. Franchisors could now be subject to criminal [...]

June 12, 2023|

Confirming Exact Legal Name and Date of Birth is Crucial with Background Checks

In today's world, conducting background checks has become a vital component of many organizations' screening processes. This could include employee screening, member screening, volunteer screening, franchisee screening, tenant screening, and more. These checks help ensure that the individuals being considered for these positions have a history of integrity and responsibility. However, to conduct a thorough and effective background check, it is crucial to confirm the applicant's exact legal name, including middle name if any, and exact date of birth, against a valid government-issued identification card. Why is it important to confirm the exact legal name and date of birth against a valid [...]

May 8, 2023|

Vendor Screening Protects Your Company

Vendor screening is an essential part of any company's procurement process. It involves an assessment of potential suppliers and vendors to determine their suitability and reliability to meet your company's needs.  Vendor background checks help protect against dangerous criminals, as they allow companies to verify the criminal history of potential vendors and assess the risk of doing business with them. By conducting background checks, companies can uncover criminal records, including convictions for violent crimes, fraud, theft, or other offenses that could pose a risk to your company. Performing criminal background checks on vendors involves conducting a search of public records to identify [...]

April 12, 2023|


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